Large Brutalist Wall sculpture ''Fish'' by Jules De Waele for Pia Manu 1973


Gorgeous & Unique hand made wall sculpture ''Fish'' by Belgian artist: Jules De Waele for Pia Manu in 1973. This unique sculpture is carved from a large piece of natural stone and decorated with glass and concrete. These sculptures are very rare and hard to find and represent the beauty of the Brutalist movement. The piece has been singed by the artist & Pia Manu and is fully original.

The most stunning part of this sculpture is the large eye wich has been made out of different pieces of glass. When the sunlight shines true the eye it reveals an amazing amount of colours , and then you can see that trail of glass under the eye has the same colour patterns as the glass used inside the eye. Creating a wonderfull effect that makes the sculpture appear alive. The colours of the glass & the concrete fins combines so well with the green natural stone that the sculpture always draws your attention.

If desired you can place lights behind the sculpture to increase this effect even more

Designer: Jules De Waele / Pia Manu  Model: ''Fish''
Produced by: Pia Manu / Jules De Waele 
Period: 1973

Height: 27.56 inches / 65 cm 
Width: 24.02 inches / 135 cm
Depth: 26.38 inches / 12 cm 

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