Massive Italian Design Sputnik Stilnovo Chandeliers


A set of massive Sputnik chandelier Stilnovo with a diameter of 150 cm from the 1950s very large chandeliers. Each chandelier has 48 brass rods, 24 rods have a light socket and the other 24 rods have a orange glass sphere. Its Minimalistic shape make it great for any midcentury or modern interior. The light reflects beautifully on the orange glass. The large size of these chandeliers makes it great for any large room. Making it very suitable for a restaurant, cafe or interior project. all 6 chandeliers are fully rewired.

We have 6 identical chandeliers in stock. Price is per piece. 

Designer: Stilnovo
Produced by: Stilnovo Italy
Period: 1950s

Height: 66.93 inches / 170 cm
Width: 61.03 inches / 155 cm
Depth: 61.03 inches / 155 cm

Shipping: Free worldwide shipping 2 - 5 weeks (estimate).

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